Our operator puts together a variety of tours of different durations and to different areas of Mauritania.As well as designing customised tours, below are some itineraries we would suggest:

Type1 (1/2 days)

This is a one-day tour spent in the capital. Explore Nouakchott in a nutshell as you move to your next destination. This is a good option for EPS travellers. Although you'll have Mauritania ‘done’ there's so much to see outside of the capital.

Type2 (3/4 days)

Three or four days is a good amount of time to leave Nouakchott and have a better feel of what Mauritania is really like. This can gives the traveller a bigger picture of Mauritania, and realise how diverse it is.With this type of tour, we have up to four suggestions that you can choose from. For example, desert sand dunes, historical towns, or oases.

Type3 (7/8 days)

Rushed travel never gives you the opportunity to experience the real feeling of a place you visit. We suggest a relaxed, slow-paced tour that will invite you to explore beautiful dunes, landscapes, libraries, rock formations, craters, and valleys combined with relaxing times at the seaside.This tour is very rich and full of surprising travel gems.

In addition, we can assist in organising business trips, programmes, documentaries, conferences, and/or car rental.

For detailed itineraries or insights, please contact us with your specific requirements!

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