With our contacts, long experience and deep knowledge of how the train runs, our tour operator is going to make your ride as enjoyable, as safe, and as organised as possible. We spare no effort to make your dream, of riding the longest, dustiest and craziest train in the world,come true. Achieving that successfully, despite all, is now very smooth at our end, thanks to the numerous train tours we already organised over the last few years. Our guides are as keen as you are, and can't wait to share this wonderful memory with you.  

If the iron ore train is not for you, you might like our empty train tours, 

Our train tours run as follows:

Empty train: from Nouadhibou to Choum, or Choum to Zouerate

Full train: from Zouerate to Choum or Choum to Nouadhibou,

We can put together a combined tour of train and normal tour, or a strictly train ride.

Plus, if requested, we can also organise pickups and transfers to the train.

Do not hesitate to send us the details of the tour you desire, or contact us for information and tips about riding the train.

In the meantime, you may also check the train section on our FAQ

You might be interested in joining our Scheduled tours that will include a train ride.

Scheduled tours

Duration: 9 days

Areas: Ouadane, Chinguetti, Terjit, Train ride, National Park of Banc d'Arguin, Nouakchott

Dates              Seats 

Oct 9-17, 2021                   8 out of 10

Oct 30-7 Nov, 2021           7 out of 10

Nov 20-28, 2021                8 out of 10

Dec 4-12, 2021                   6 out of 10

Jan 22-30, 2022                  6 out of 10

Feb 5-13, 2022                   6 out of 10

Oct 22-30, 2022                 2 out of 10

Nov 19-27, 2022                2 out of 10

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